Getting your name out

Sometimes an author feels resentful having to spend so much time working on marketing rather than writing, but that is a fact of life. Each and every day, you must check in on your blogs.  You noticed that I said blogs (plural). Everyone should have at least one for the life as an author, your thoughts, your schedule, etc. and one for your book which should deal with the topic, commenting on comments, etc.

The other part of this is the social networking. I belong to a handful of social networks both on writing and knitting, and that doesn’t count the Yahoo groups on writing, publishing, knitting and Samoyeds. So there is a constant influx of information

However, the mantra you must repeat to yourself is, “I’m reaching hundreds of people, not leaving the house and it costs nothing.” Well, you could argue that time is money however; if you get good at checking everything within a set time period every day, you’ll find you still have time to do your job.

How will people find you at these sites and read the pearls of wisdom you post on your “Peggy is…..” wall? You’ll let them know by using widgets or badges or links that most of the new sites have. It is one of the nice features that consists of a quick cut and paste.

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