Sometimes you use a ‘carrot’.

Today I spent some time working on a project to get better known about what I do. You noticed that I didn’t say marketing my books and patterns but that was essentially what I was doing. I created a slide show of some of my knitting patterns which hopefully will draw people to my site  to order those patterns or the books. Sometimes the very pretty ‘carrot’ works much better than the heavy handed stick. Click here to see what I played with that cost noting but a little time.

Now I have a small niche market for my books. I sell to people who knit and love dogs or who love dogs and can browbeat someone into knitting my designs for them. I make the books fun and VERY dog oriented even though they are knitting books. I market them to members of both knitting and dog loving groups online as well as through Amazon and I have a knit shop distributor. The majority of my orders come through dog people spreading the word to friends. They knit a sweater, wear it to a show and guaranteed, someone will ask them where they got it. They say that they made it themselves from a Kanine Knits pattern and the next day I get an order from that friend.

So I try to make myself as visable as possible, by talking to knitting groups whenever I get asked and having all of these ‘sales people’ in the form of satisfied customers walking around showing off the sweaters, hats, scarves, etc. made from the designs in the Kanine Knits Books and Patterns. These people who proudly wear their sweaters knit from my patterns account for almost half my sales each year. I really love them!


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