Listen and learn

I found myself the other day walking through Walmart doing some grocery shopping and I realized that I was taking notes on the bottom of my shopping list. The reason for this is that ‘I had my ears on.’  I have developed the habit of listing to instructional CD’s about publishing, editing, marketing, Web 2.0, distributors, press releases, etc. on a CD player that I tuck into my pocket during what I would usually consider wasted time. This type of multi-tasking is how I manage to get so much done and I usually don’t get so wrapped up in whatever class I’m listening to, that I forget to buy the milk and bread. The handy part is when the speaker mentions something that I’d like to check later, I simply jot it onto the bottom of my shopping list. I view these sessions as portable classrooms and I find that I don’t resent having to run errands any more because it is just more time to add to my knowledge of my business.


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